And here we go.

Just to put this out there, this blog is going to be haphazard in every sense of the word. The posts will be unscheduled, slightly infrequent, and probably unorganized. I’ll be either studying as I write, or using writing to procrastinate on working, or just dog tired when writing. You’ve been warned.

Still here? Good.

I started Pomegranates and Tea when I left to study for five amazing months in Istanbul during which I climbed everything, ate everything, learned a little Turkish and a lot about myself, and met some of the best people I have ever been able to call friends. I wanted to continue some form of it when I came back, but felt like Pomegranates and Tea couldn’t extend past Turkey, or at least, not until I returned to Turkey. Ergo, Achilles and Coffee was made.

Achilles and Coffee? Liking the noun-conjunction-hot-beverage combination much? I’m translating portions of the Iliad this semester (it is just as exciting as it sounds) and have acquired a love for coffee. It was born in Istanbul with Turkish coffee and powdered Nescafe packets on long bus rides, and then was cemented when a coffee maker and later an espresso machine were instituted in the bicycle shop I work at when not at school.

This semester will be full of work and full of thoughts; the plan is to get some of those thoughts out of my head and into this blog so there will be more space in my head. So, raise a coffee mug with me, grab the nearest copy of Homer you have, and I’m glad you’re joining me for the ride.


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