Pumpkin Flavored Graduate Record Examinations

Post GRE has me pooped, not so much due to the mastermind difficulty of the test (it wasn’t as hard as I was expecting) but more due to the four hours of focus it required. Staring at a computer screen for four hours is easy when Tumblr or Twitter or Doctor Who is on the other side, but your vision starts to blur and dry out when you’ve got six thirty minute segments of words and numbers to go through.

I did okay though, and the studying paid off. This really was something I was glad I studied for, especially becoming familiar with the question types. It’s amazing how less scary things seem or how quickly you fall into ease with them when you know what’s coming, though that doesn’t mean I didn’t read the directions meticulously before each section. I studied mostly with online vocabulary drills and music to keep me going because most days after class, band practice, and homework, I really didn’t want to study. As a result, I had Patrick Wolf’s “Sundark and Riverlight” album streaming constantly. It’s his new acoustic album and I can’t get enough of it.

What am I going to do tonight? Greek homework. Specifically prepare portions of Lysias for Thursday’s 491 class. My relaxation is taking form in the mantı I bought from World Harvest, the gift of Turkish beer still in my fridge, and the cookies my grandparents (who are amazing and wonderful and just awesome) brought down for me on Sunday.

It’s the perfect kind of October right now. It’s not so cold that I freeze in my bike, but the leaves are all changing color and the jackets can’t be put away anymore. The scarfs are out, flannel is prevalent, and everything is pumpkin flavored. I started knitting the front of my sweater, plan in baking pumpkin muffins, and plan on enjoying it as long as it lasts.

Till next time.



  1. Congrats on taking the test! And consuming pumpkin things.

  2. A) you rock and B) I am so jealous of your mantı.

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