Cupcake Extravaganza

If you’ve seen the pictures on my Facebook over the past two or three months, you already know what I’m about to talk about. However, I’m going to embark on a cupcake-making-extravaganza in the next week or so (Why? Because I can.), and I wanted to cover these cupcakes in full since this will be the fourth time I’ve made the recipe and they are AMAZING.

Irish Car Bomb cupcakes. Recipe here.

The finished product.

The finished product.

It all started two months ago in December when the semester was nearing crunch time: I had a term paper was looming over me, grad school deadlines were never far away, and finals were rapidly approaching. It was a Tuesday night, I was stressed over a bunch of work, and had recently discovered that I am a stress-baker. So I went to the gas station on Green and Lincoln, bought a can of Guinness, and preheated the oven. I’d been wanting to make this recipe for awhile, not least of all because it involves butter, cocoa, Guinness, and coffee – so essentially everything that is good in the world – and that night was the night.

The recipe is nothing short of amazing. I could go on and on about how you can taste the Guinness in the batter, and how the cupcakes are surprisingly light, and just everything about them, but you should really just get out your mixing bowls or convince your best baking friend to get out their mixing bowls, and make them yourself.  However, I did make a few changes when I was making these, mostly having to do with things I didn’t have and substitutions, but they weren’t very big, apart from the frosting.

Notes on the recipe:

  1. At the time, I did not have the full two sticks of butter that the recipe called for, so I could only use the one and a half that I did have. It turned out perfectly, and I’ve made it with one and a half sticks of butter since.
  2. The yield is tricky. It says it makes 14-16 cupcakes and that the cooking time is 35-40 minutes. The first time I made them in my apartment at school I used reusable silicon muffin cups that Ariel had gotten me. The cupcakes were on the smaller side (by “smaller side” I mostly mean “not huge”), which worked in my favor because these things are fairly rich. I got 40 cupcakes from that first batch using the reusable cups and only baked each batch about 10 to 15 minutes. The second and third times I made these, I was baking in my house in the suburbs and using regular sized cupcake tins from the store. Both these batches yielded around 25, if I remember correctly, and I baked the batches for about 15 to 20 minutes. On a semi-related note, if you’re thinking about investing in reusable cupcake liners, I’d highly recommend it. It will save money and time with repeatedly going back to the store after you realize you forgot to buy cupcake liners the last time you went (every. single. time.), and they’re really easy to use.
  3. As delicious as the frosting recipe in the original post looks, I didn’t use it, though I do plan on trying it someday. It was more work than I wanted to do on a Wednesday night (I waited till the next night to frost them so they had adequate time to cool down) before a double dose of 400-level Greek classes the next day. That and I also don’t own a kitchen thermometer, which the recipe requires. Instead, I used a basic milk-butter-powdered-sugar frosting recipe. My mom emailed it to me after copying it out of the Joy of Cooking (thanks, Mom!), but here’s a version online. To maintain the Irish Car Bomb-ness of it, I used Bailey’s Irish Cream, specifically mint chocolate flavored, instead of milk. I also didn’t hollow the cupcakes out, as I didn’t have enough frosting, opting just to put it on top.

I can’t give enough credit to Naomi at Bakers Royale. I’ve tried a lot of these recipe’s out for holidays, band stuff, presents, and not one of them has ever been less than amazing. I started out with the simplest recipe I could find, and the next thing I knew, I was making homemade caramel (waiting for it to reach the right consistency is a tedious business  but it’s so much easier than I thought it would be). This woman deserves a medal. If you have no anxiety about your waistline, or if you just don’t care, check out her website (link here!). She does fantastic things with chocolate, but also things with fruit, a few more savory recipes, frosting and caramel tutorials, and cocktails turned into popsicles.

I’m thinking about trying out another of her cupcake recipes involving blackberries and Cabernet Sauvignon next.



  1. NotResponsibleAmy · · Reply

    I direct several noms to this post! Much love!

  2. Joseph Short · · Reply

    I too developed an interest in baking when reading for my MA at Cambridge . For consistency you might try the following . Were you to combine Arabic ARAK liqueur with date wine and incorporate pastry “butterfly wings” you could name them ” 11/9 Flying Bomb Cupcakes” .

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