Monday Night, Feb. 18th, 2013

I realized today that it’s been at least four months since I last woke up just a little unsure about where I was. It wasn’t unusual over the summer and as the last fall semester started for me to wake up not entirely sure which bed I was sleeping in and where that bed was. There was a hazy three seconds with the light coming in around the curtains and before I opened my eyes when I tried to place whether I was in my bed in the Hisarustu flat in Istanbul, or in my bed in Urbana at school, or back in my bedroom at home.

I still haven’t heard from any schools, save for Virginia.

I’ve been spending more time at the bike coop. That place, working on bikes, being around other people, getting my hands dirty again is keeping me sane. That and coffee. My mom sent me a coffee bean grinder and a package of Intelligentsia coffee for Valentines day, and I haven’t been able to thank her enough for it. The roomie and I ordered deep dish and watched Amelie.

I reread Pride and Prejudice and have moved on to the Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay, which I read about 3/4 of before I had to return my loaned copy to a friend. With graduation and everything, sometimes I start thinking those kinds of heavy thoughts about who I am and if I even know. So I’ve been reading more, because that was one of the first ways I identified with myself, that I liked to read and I read voraciously.

Maybe it’s because of this, and maybe because the weather has been warmer lately, but I think I feel a haircut starting to come on.

It’ll all be okay


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