Monthly Archives: February 2014


I’m with Catherine in Edinburgh, and we’re listening to the Chieftains and nothing could be more Scottish. The crocuses are blooming in the park across the street, and I have two cups of coffee in front of me. Everything in Edinburgh is old, even the New Town, which was built in 1765. If the pound […]

Moving back stateside

Traveling isn’t always easy or fun, and that’s part of the reason why I wanted to travel so much. Part of being on the road means finding solutions you would never consider for problems you would never encounter at home. Out of all the cities I’ve been to, I’ve arrived at 75% between 4 and […]

Berlin: archaeological reconstruction and feelings

Berlin reeks of cool. Everyone you see is cool, and everywhere you go is cool, and everything you see is cool. The men wear impossibly skinny pants, the women have makeup and outfits that I wouldn’t begin to figure out how to imitate, everyone’s haircut is impossibly on point, and their sausage and fries are […]

An Open Letter to The Guy in the Hostel Dorm

You are the single most annoying person in the world, and you’re asleep. How are you doing that? I would be impressed if I didn’t want to kill you. First off, you came in at god knows what time and wanted to turn on your bedside lamp to…get into bed? You needed a light for […]


Two days in Prague and I’m finally recovered from Budapest. It’s not that Budapest is a party city, but, well, things happen. First of all, Budapest; it’s like Paris, but better. I was actually debating whether or not to go to Paris for a day or two on this trip, and now I don’t have […]

Belgrade: 24 hours on trains, stolen electronic antiquities, and friends

For three days, I was traveling. I’ve been traveling for just under a month now, but for three days, I was moving. After Athens, I took a steamer to Lesvos for the weekend, and then a ferry to Ayvalık. I wandered and drank çay all day before taking an overnight bus to Istanbul, where I […]