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Berlin: archaeological reconstruction and feelings

Berlin reeks of cool. Everyone you see is cool, and everywhere you go is cool, and everything you see is cool. The men wear impossibly skinny pants, the women have makeup and outfits that I wouldn’t begin to figure out how to imitate, everyone’s haircut is impossibly on point, and their sausage and fries are […]

Ticket: Elaborated

I’m going to start off by stating that I have no plan thus far. I guess that goes for both traveling and this coming year/5 years/foreseeable future. Where did this come from? Why is there a one-way ticket to From Chicago to Istanbul on my credit card statement? It’s complicated. Only it doesn’t seem complicated to me. […]

Their heart grew cold/ they let their wings down

Sappho, who were you? You’re one ticket with too many winning numbers to be plausible. What were the chances? You are the only woman whose writing survived from ancient Greece, and you’re one of the only ones who seems to shun the political world around you. You don’t write about politics, wars, you barely mention your home […]