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Kitchen Therapy

I scheduled a heavy course load this semester: three 500 level seminars, one 400, and one audited German class to make sure I don’t completely lose the language. All of those classes are several hours in the afternoon, meaning they don’t end until dinnertime Monday through Wednesday (5pm, 6pm, and 4:30pm respectively). This means that I’m extremely […]

Things I’ve Learned from the First Semester of Grad School

1). Make popcorn with hot sauce. When I say popcorn, I mean like corn kernels that you pop in a pot on the stove, not a bag you stick in the microwave. Philistine. No, seriously, bulk corn is better in every way, more cost effective than the boxed stuff, and also not nearly as hard […]

An Open Letter to the Spider in my Apartment Part II: Balcony Edition

Dear Spider, As you probably heard in my last arachnid aimed missive, I declared that I was chill with you quarter-size giants who have declared the front door your territory. About two weeks ago, I noticed that you had expanded your empire to the lights by the back door, the door through which I enter the majority of […]

An Open Letter to the Spider in my Apartment

The fuck do you think you are. Waltzing into my domicile without so much as a by your leave is rude, not only to me but also to the other spiders already in residence here (I’m looking at you, gangly legged dude abiding in the uppermost corner of my shower. We’re cool.). You, black, disproportionate, […]

Sunday 50 Miler

I’ve spent a lot of the summer thus far on a bike, either clipped in on a hard ride, or pedaling to work, and it still doesn’t feel like enough sometimes.* Luckily though, I got in fifty miles this past weekend before the annual Michigan vacation. The grown ups pushed for an early start time […]

Moving back stateside

Traveling isn’t always easy or fun, and that’s part of the reason why I wanted to travel so much. Part of being on the road means finding solutions you would never consider for problems you would never encounter at home. Out of all the cities I’ve been to, I’ve arrived at 75% between 4 and […]

Monday Night, Feb. 18th, 2013

I realized today that it’s been at least four months since I last woke up just a little unsure about where I was. It wasn’t unusual over the summer and as the last fall semester started for me to wake up not entirely sure which bed I was sleeping in and where that bed was. […]