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Belgrade: 24 hours on trains, stolen electronic antiquities, and friends

For three days, I was traveling. I’ve been traveling for just under a month now, but for three days, I was moving. After Athens, I took a steamer to Lesvos for the weekend, and then a ferry to Ayvalık. I wandered and drank çay all day before taking an overnight bus to Istanbul, where I […]


Büyükada was my last day in Istanbul. I went spur of the moment that morning (early afternoon, if I remember correctly, we had all been up until 4am the night before for no good reason) with two of the guys I had met at the hostel. It was, quite possibly, a perfect last day. Istanbul, […]


The weather has finally settled down into the low brown and yellow 50 degrees of fall. The ginkgo tree by our building has turned completely gold, but has resisted dropping its leaves, making half the building look like the yellow shirt I bought for Halloween. I wrote Livestrong on it it, taped a pen labeled ‘EPO’ […]

Istanbul Missing.

I’m missing Istanbul something fierce tonight. One minute I’m making a carb-heavy dinner in prep for football game tomorrow morning, and the next I’m messaging monikers for the city back and forth with Chris and trying not to feel all heavy inside like a rock’s sinking through my middle.   Chris: I miss the surprisingly […]