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Büyükada was my last day in Istanbul. I went spur of the moment that morning (early afternoon, if I remember correctly, we had all been up until 4am the night before for no good reason) with two of the guys I had met at the hostel. It was, quite possibly, a perfect last day. Istanbul, […]

Love to Hisarüstü

While it is my favorite city in the world, it felt very very strange to come back to Istanbul. Bits and pieces of my Turkish came back to me, which made bus conversation and scarf-haggling a bit easier. Wandering around Taksim was just as much fun as always, and I remembered most of the bus […]


There are some bars you go to where you know every song they play, and that’s great. There are other bars you go to where you know absolutely none of the songs they play, and that’s better. I got to see one of my old flat mates last night, something I was really looking forward […]

Ticket: Elaborated

I’m going to start off by stating that I have no plan thus far. I guess that goes for both traveling and this coming year/5 years/foreseeable future. Where did this come from? Why is there a one-way ticket to From Chicago to Istanbul on my credit card statement? It’s complicated. Only it doesn’t seem complicated to me. […]

Pay No Attention To The Fact That I Should Be Writing A Term Paper Right Now

Seriously, pay no attention. I just paid a dollar more than I normally would to write my term paper in Cafe Paradiso, the resident fancy coffee place just barely on the Urbana side of campus, because the coffee here is really good and fancy. Actually, this place isn’t even that fancy. The furniture is mismatched, […]

Slightly Atrophied Wanderlust

I read a particularly dangerous blog post by from, which recently made it to Time’s 25 best blogs of 2012. Earl, the blogger, explains in the post that it is easy to travel and live abroad even if you don’t have much or any money to your name. One of the best ways to […]

Istanbul Missing.

I’m missing Istanbul something fierce tonight. One minute I’m making a carb-heavy dinner in prep for football game tomorrow morning, and the next I’m messaging monikers for the city back and forth with Chris and trying not to feel all heavy inside like a rock’s sinking through my middle.   Chris: I miss the surprisingly […]