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The Jennifer Lawrence Nudes

Before having the instinctual reaction of excitement and pleasure because naked pictures of several gorgeous, talented women have been posted to the internet, take a moment to think about why posting pictures of naked people, against their will, on the internet has become normalized. Think about how the pattern of circulating stolen, nude pictures of people, who […]


I’m with Catherine in Edinburgh, and we’re listening to the Chieftains and nothing could be more Scottish. The crocuses are blooming in the park across the street, and I have two cups of coffee in front of me. Everything in Edinburgh is old, even the New Town, which was built in 1765. If the pound […]

“You’re not your fucking khakis.”

This year, February is being known not only as crappy-weather-month, but also as the-month-during-which-Katie-will-eventually-get-her-grad-school-rejections/acceptions. None have come back yet, it’s still early, but I should be finding out within the next couple of weeks, and mother of God if that isn’t a little terrifying. If I’m not accepted anywhere, if all I receive are rejections, […]

Pay No Attention To The Fact That I Should Be Writing A Term Paper Right Now

Seriously, pay no attention. I just paid a dollar more than I normally would to write my term paper in Cafe Paradiso, the resident fancy coffee place just barely on the Urbana side of campus, because the coffee here is really good and fancy. Actually, this place isn’t even that fancy. The furniture is mismatched, […]


The weather has finally settled down into the low brown and yellow 50 degrees of fall. The ginkgo tree by our building has turned completely gold, but has resisted dropping its leaves, making half the building look like the yellow shirt I bought for Halloween. I wrote Livestrong on it it, taped a pen labeled ‘EPO’ […]