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I’m with Catherine in Edinburgh, and we’re listening to the Chieftains and nothing could be more Scottish. The crocuses are blooming in the park across the street, and I have two cups of coffee in front of me. Everything in Edinburgh is old, even the New Town, which was built in 1765. If the pound […]

Moving back stateside

Traveling isn’t always easy or fun, and that’s part of the reason why I wanted to travel so much. Part of being on the road means finding solutions you would never consider for problems you would never encounter at home. Out of all the cities I’ve been to, I’ve arrived at 75% between 4 and […]


Two days in Prague and I’m finally recovered from Budapest. It’s not that Budapest is a party city, but, well, things happen. First of all, Budapest; it’s like Paris, but better. I was actually debating whether or not to go to Paris for a day or two on this trip, and now I don’t have […]

Belgrade: 24 hours on trains, stolen electronic antiquities, and friends

For three days, I was traveling. I’ve been traveling for just under a month now, but for three days, I was moving. After Athens, I took a steamer to Lesvos for the weekend, and then a ferry to Ayvalık. I wandered and drank çay all day before taking an overnight bus to Istanbul, where I […]

The Coolest Cafe on Lesvos: Bats, Unwanted Hotels, and I Am So Awake

I have had 4, count them, 4 espressos today because I needed to use the wifi in various cafés at various times throughout the day, and I’m in one now and I think there’s a bat in one of their hanging lamps, because it keeps moving and swaying sort of violently independently of anything and […]

Bergama: amazing archaeology, night buses, and creepy Turkish men.

Yeah. I had to have a creepy experience with a Turkish man at some point. But that was not the most important part of my weekend in Bergama, the most important part was Pergamum. If you go to Pergamum, have at least three hours to devote to the acropolis alone, particularly if you are the […]


Büyükada was my last day in Istanbul. I went spur of the moment that morning (early afternoon, if I remember correctly, we had all been up until 4am the night before for no good reason) with two of the guys I had met at the hostel. It was, quite possibly, a perfect last day. Istanbul, […]