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Exodus: White Washing in Action or Eyeliner Does Not Make You Historically Accurate or the Movie Industry is Problematic

Awhile ago, when the first trailer for Exodus was released, one of my professors recommend I watch it. Later that day when I did, I said, aloud, to the nobody that was in my apartment, “This is a farce.” I stand by that statement. I will be up front right now: I haven’t seen Exodus, I […]

An Open Letter to The Guy in the Hostel Dorm

You are the single most annoying person in the world, and you’re asleep. How are you doing that? I would be impressed if I didn’t want to kill you. First off, you came in at god knows what time and wanted to turn on your bedside lamp to…get into bed? You needed a light for […]

Chicago to Toronto – Toronto to Istanbul

“Are you nervous?” “No.” “Are you excited?” “Eehyeehh.” “How DO you feel?” This was the conversation I had with my mom while it was browsing through the airport bookstore. Besides the general Europe Lonely Planet, I’m not taking any books with me, and I can’t get used to that. Looking through the selection the bookstore […]

Second Semester Senior

Some people would take their last semester of college easy, maybe not take as many classes, or take classes on wine appreciation, vegetable gardening, or flower arranging (all real classes at the U of I). Maybe some people would just spend a couple extra hours on the internet or hanging out with friends, or just […]


The weather has finally settled down into the low brown and yellow 50 degrees of fall. The ginkgo tree by our building has turned completely gold, but has resisted dropping its leaves, making half the building look like the yellow shirt I bought for Halloween. I wrote Livestrong on it it, taped a pen labeled ‘EPO’ […]

And here we go.

Just to put this out there, this blog is going to be haphazard in every sense of the word. The posts will be unscheduled, slightly infrequent, and probably unorganized. I’ll be either studying as I write, or using writing to procrastinate on working, or just dog tired when writing. You’ve been warned. Still here? Good. […]